La nave della Sila

The container

Eight years on from the launch of the Museum of Emigration the new section on Immigration, MARE MADRE, was opened; a well-overdue development for this region which, once a land of emigration, is now reliving the drama of this experience, but this time as a land of welcome and immigration.

The arrival of the vessel Vlora from Durazzo at Bari harbour on 8 August 1991 marked the beginning of a new and painful phase in our country’s history, recounted in a container next to La Nave. The exhibit bears witness to tragic journeys across sea and desert, undertaken by migrants in the twentieth century, often in flight from tragedy and suffering in their homelands.

The voice of Erri De Luca from his Cimitero di Lampedusa introduces us to this section, with eight minutes of images and stories taken from documentaries by Andrea Segre, Archive of Migrant Memory and the Italian Coast Guard, to whom we owe our gratitude. “The space of a gaze.The opportunity to stop and become aware, understand, listen to people’s eyes, their silence, their story.” (A.Segre)